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Rika's Story

The Artisan Touch

Hi, I'm Erika, or Rika as my family and friends call me! Hence, the name "Rika's Kitchen." I started the adventure of bringing authentic, organic, and artisan Mexican cuisine to my table for my loved ones to enjoy.


Now I have the honor and joy of sharing that same passion and love for delicious, healthy food to more tables than I can personally feed.

Buen Provecho!

Mexican Taste

Everything from our homemade corn tortillas, to our menu in Rika's Kitchen, is created with attention to detail!


I love taking the extra step to ensure the flavors pop and to deliver an optimal dining experience from my home to yours!

Nacho Close Up

Made to Order 

Our journey begins with authentic nixtamal corn tortillas using organically sourced yellow corn. The corn soaks overnight in cal Mexicana, then we grind in-house for the freshest results. Our goal is to make your simple meal extraordinary every night of the week. Tamales coming soon!

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